WEDS 2017
WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions

The global recognition of this year’s

plus a spot at the
WCIT 2017 – World Congress on Information Technology


WCIT 2017
Taipei, Taiwan from September 10-13


The Best Emerging Digital Solutions from around the World will compete to win a spot in WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Program, being globally recognized as part of the 2017 Class, plus:

  1. Join the WEDS SHOWCASE and present your Solution to potential clients & partners and IT Leaders from around the planet during the 21st World Congress on Information Technology – WCIT 2017, in Taiwan from September 10th to 13th
  2. Four (4) Nights Lodging in Taipei
  3. One (1) Full Delegates Registration Package for WCIT 2017
  4. Your Solution will be a candidate for the WITSA 2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards (Awards Ceremony at WCIT 2017 Gala Dinner on September 12, 2017)
  5. Up to 25 winners will also be selected by the Taiwanese Government for the TIEC Program, a global opportunity to expand your company’s solution (description below)


WITSA, the World Information Technology & Services Alliance and the 21th World Congress on Information Technology project office are pleased to announce the 2017 edition of the Emerging Digital Solutions program.

Successfully launched in Brasilia, Brazil in 2016, this program recognizes digital applications that play a significant role in impacting the economic and social landscape and in improving the lives of people around the globe.

In recognition of these life changing digital solutions, WITSA and WCIT 2017 are seeking to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas successfully deployed in localities and regions throughout the world through establishing the Emerging Digital Solutions program.

Accordingly, WITSA and WCIT 2017 seek existing digital solutions with the potential of improving lives around the globe.

Who is Eligible?

Entrepreneurs from around the world who have created proven digital solutions capable of wide spread utilization which will impact the economy and/or improve the quality of life for individuals, groups, or society.

Chairs and Sponsors


  • Dr. James Poisant, WITSA Secretary General
  • Mr. Humberto Luiz Ribeiro, Chairman at Memora and Epicentor

Steering Committee Coordinator

  • Mr. Anders Halvorsen, WITSA Vice President Global Public Policy


WITSA recognizes the support and sponsorship of the following organizations committed to the 2017 WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS program:

What is the Desired Scope of Digital Solutions?

Solutions that transform or impact the quality of life for individuals, groups, or society.  Solutions are not limited to any specific area.  The following areas provide examples:

Citizenship / Education / Healthcare / Public Safety / Urban Mobility / Financial Services & FinTech / Environmental / Agricultural / Disabilities / Conflict Resolutions / Conservation / Water Utilization / Supply Chain Optimization / Citizen & Customer Relationship / Social Entrepreneurship / and others.

WITSA also welcomes a broad range of innovative technology platforms used to implement the solution, representing the latest trends in this aspect, such as:

Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Servicification & 4th Industrial Revolution, Blockchains, Wearables, Big Data, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, Autonomous Agents, etc.

These transformative and positively impacting solutions can also take multiple forms, including:

  • An ICT product or service;
  • A production or distribution method, or an organizational model, based on ICT tools; and/or
  • The reformulation of an existing ICT product for an underserved population.

Does my Solution qualify as a WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS?

WITSA is looking for Digital Solutions that will positively impact individuals, regions or even the entire global community. We would like to recognize initiatives that are ready-to-market, but still in their early-stage of deployment, to help spread their reach and rise to the top.

That is why we invite applicants to provide us with as much information as possible regarding their solutions. Each Entrepreneur should apply and send as much information as possible to allow WITSA to consider features and potential of the solution based on:

  • Purpose: Solutions that serve a relevant purpose to the society; that achieve transformative social wellbeing, prosperity, connectivity and/or productivity changes through technologies and services; that provide benefits to individuals and their communities, with an added value for solutions with emphasis on underserved populations.
  • Sustainability: Solutions that can prove not only to be financially sustainable to the company and viable to the users, but can also demonstrate sustainable business models, and ideally presenting a successful case or track record.
  • Replicability: Solutions that can spread beyond their initial location, being adapted to other regions of the world to solve similar problems. An added value for solutions capable to openly share tools and/or methods with local entrepreneurs, envisioning regional adaptation and direct local jobs creation.
  • Integrity: Solutions, and entrepreneurs supporting them, rooted in clear principles of morality, ethics and legality.
  • Novelty: Solutions that are original. We are looking for solutions that can be differentiated from others by their uniqueness, with potential to become ‘Flagships of Innovation”.


Selected winners for the 2017 class will win their seat in the WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Program, and:

  1. Join the WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE and present your Solution to potential clients & partners and IT Leaders from around the planet during the World Congress on Information Technology – WCIT 2017, in Taipei, Taiwan, from September 10th to 13th, with:
  2. Four (4) Nights Lodging in Taipei;
  3. One (1) Full Delegates Registration Package for WCIT 2017;
  4. One exhibition kiosk at the Emerging Digital Solutions SHOWCASE during the World Congress on Information Technology – WCIT 2017, in Taipei, Taiwan, from September 10th– 13th;
  5. Take part at the 2017 WCIT Gala Dinner Ceremony and be considered for the WITSA 2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards;
  6. Figure at the WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS 2017 page at WITSA’s website;
  7. Be mentioned in different publicity and press releases from WITSA and WCIT.

The benefits also include access to a global peer network of WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, and possible additional benefits offered by the respective WITSA affiliated institution from their home countries.

Additional Benefits offered by Taiwan for the WEDS 2017 Class:

TIEC / TITAN Award – Terms and Conditions

Qualifying foreign startups MUST comply with the following (Taiwanese companies will have different specific guidelines):

  • Technology-driven startup with a strong team to include founder/s, must possess intellectual property rights, have product/service close to/already in the market and globally scalable;
  • Bench strength on the founding/executive team to send at least one founder/senior member of the management team to Taiwan for the duration of the program – 1 month for soft landing, business mentoring and site visits with Taiwan industry;
  • The startup must NOT have set up a cooperation in Taiwan before Jan-2017;
  • At least two thirds of the members of the startup are not citizens of Taiwan;
  • Willing to develop a technical cooperation in Taiwan;
  • The startup has been awarded funding of more than 500,000 U.S. dollars OR is deemed as having potential by our program’s judges.


  • One month soft-landing program = US$ 10,000
    Financial Support : 2 Round-trip flight tickets, 30-day accommodation, 30-day co-working space
    If the team been selected also interested to have the new business or cooperation with Taiwan, they can use 2 Round-trip flight tickets to Taiwan and stay here with free 30-day accommodation, 30-day co-working space for soft-landing. They can keep the right up to six months.
  • Five months Landing program = US$ 10,000
    Taiwan will support high-potential technology startups and emerging companies to successfully enter the Asia market and scale their business globally.
  • Prototyping program up to US$ 65,000 (Value equivalent)
    Taiwan will provide access to outstanding mentors, free office, valuable connections and the knowledge and expertise required to scale quickly.
    Global Matching making program up to 3 times a year
    The purpose to provide these 5 month landing program plus prototyping program is to help making their dream come true. Taiwan would like to contribute and connect the global startup teams with the local young entrepreneurs to meet together with the global VC in Taipei with their potential and discuss the further detail of investment.
  • Entrepreneur Visa-Taiwan will not ask for equity, cash or investment rights, and participation is free of charge.
  • Marketing & PR: Those are including participation in global events, like Tech Crunch Disrupt SF, Meet Taipei, 2018 CES, etc.

further details at

What is the Application Process?

Step 1 –       Those companies interested in submitting a Solution to be considered for the 2017 edition of the Emerging Digital Solutions competition must complete, by July 31st, 2017, the application form available at;

Step 2 –       WITSA and the Emerging Digital Solutions Competition Selection Committee will review the information forms. Candidates may be asked for additional information, based upon specific requirements of a Solution;

Step 3 –       Final Selection of Solutions will be defined by the Selection Committee, the week of Jul 31st, 2017;

Step 4 –       Winners will be announced and notified.

Information gathered in the selection process will be used by WITSA solely for the Emerging Digital Solutions program. Winners authorize their information to be disclosed for the purpose of the WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS program.


If you consider that your company has an innovative solution capable of transforming wellbeing or productivity of others around the planet, which has already been implemented in a location, and suited to be implemented throughout the world, WITSA encourages you to apply for the 2017 class of WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.

The Emerging Digital Solutions program recognizes startups, early-stage or veteran companies, as long as the solution presented is new and largely scalable to other locations of the world. Emerging Digital Solutions searches for solutions to be displayed to interested policy makers, businesspersons, investors and social stakeholders with the potential to boost its development and deployment, aiming to significantly impact business and society.

WITSA Confidentiality:

All information provided will remain confidential and will be used by Emerging Digital Solutions Selection Committee for the sole purpose of evaluating the applications. Winners agree that their information can and shall be fully disclosed by WITSA and the Emerging Digital Solutions program partners through different online and offline means.


The form can be found at

This form must be filled out and agreed by an official representative of the company presenting the candidate solution (ideally, a C-level executive: Founder/Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO).

Please complete all information required in this form, so as to allow WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Selection Committee to fairly and thoroughly evaluate your application.