WEDS are Gold!  They express our belief in mankind prosperity through digital innovation!“.

The phrase above was how Prof. Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet and Chief Evangelist of Google referred to the Class of 2016 during a private session with last year’s winners and the program co-chairs Dr. Jim Poisant and Prof. Humberto Ribeiro, during WCIT 2016 in Brasília.

So, if the Class of 2016 of the WEDS Program serves as a reference, expectations are high for what will be brought together in Taipei!

Last year, WCIT participants in Brasilia witnessed a gathering of talent, enthusiasm and foresight, as seven Solutions were awarded as WEDS WINNERS IN 2016. Representing the Digital Age’s greatest promises, these solutions represented transformations needed by the global society. Check out the WEDS 2016 Winners!



Country: Canada

CommandWear is leveraging mobile and wearable technology, such as smartwatches, to change the way emergency response is done. The company has developed a software platform that integrates data from wearables and sensors to give responders unprecedented, real-time situational awareness to the last tactical mile. The company’s software platform provides real-time personnel location tracking (blueforce tracking), two-way text-based communications, real-time picture video sharing, and event replay capabilities to help responders protect our communities and themselves. CommandWear has successfully deployed this system with high profile police, fire, emergency medical and security organization across North America since 2014 and with the recent surge in security threats around the globe is generating high interest from international markets.

Since becoming a WEDS Winner, CommandWear was the only non-American company selected for the EMERGE 2016: Wearable Technology, a program from the US Dept of Homeland Security to bring startups, accelerators, and other strategic partners together in a common research and development effort, as published in the news.

Eyeware Assist

Country: Switzerland

Hand mobility is a basic need for the current human-computer interaction, and a temporary or permanent disability of that mobility can become an ordeal for professional productivity and online social activities. In that sense, some solutions were developed, but usually with a high cost-constraint.

Eyeware Assist is a multi-platform assistive software that enables hands-free computer control for people with limited hand mobility. It uses cheap consumer 3D cameras to enable full control of the computer based only on head movements and face gestures (hands-free, non-intrusive). Eyeware Assist is highly adaptable, affordable, and available for most configurations of hardware and software.


Country: Armenia

Localz is an online marketplace for tourist and local tour guides. It can be accessed also through an app to connect travelers from all over the world with local community members who want to be a tour guide for tourists.

The company believes this will allow tourists to experience real local culture while traveling and will help local communities to develop socially and economically, as regional tourism is nurtured and local citizens engage in professional activities to generate extra money.

RaceIQ Dual Crypto Module Automotive C-Sec Platform

RaceIQ’s CEO, James T. Jones, receives his WEDS trophy from Mr. Santiago Gutierrez, former Chairman of WITSA, and Mr. Jeovani Salomão, CEO of MEMORA.

Country: USA

RaceIQ works directly with automakers so they can implement a cybersecurity platform to detect and mitigate vehicle data hacks, malware and virus uploads. RaceIQ software secures the BUS (internal communication network), the vehicle, and all incoming/outgoing data. The RaceIQ Dual-Crypto module can be implemented in any vehicle during production by the manufactures’ production team.

Working directly with automakers, RaceIQ software fortifies the vehicle and monitors the vehicles Controlled Area Network. The company is one of the stars coming from the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech.


Synergy Social Protection Information System (SPIS)

Country: USA

Synergy SPIS is a unified information system which enables clients to manage and implement all phases of conditional cash transfer programs on a single platform including registration, eligibility verification, payments, feedback and performance management. It provides social protection program managers and staff with a flexible, scalable and sustainable software solution to implement and track all phases of social safety net programs on a single platform.


Country: USA

If you watch videos online, then you know that the present solutions for advertising on video are unpleasant. Specifically the commercials you see before the video you want to watch and those annoying overlay banner ads. Using computer vision technology, they have created something that is far less obtrusive and a better experience for viewers. Specifically, URU uses computer vision to find surfaces and regions inside a video that can host ads without interfering with the interesting parts of the images. It is the “Content-aware” video advertising solution!

For a “taste” of what URU can do, please watch this video.

Zumpy – Caronas de verdade

Country: Brazil

Zumpy is an APP which has the objective to reduce the number of cars in the streets and improve the quality of atmosphere in big Cities. As 60% to 70% of the private vehicles on the road do not have any additional passenger other than the driver, efficiency of transportation becomes a very serious issue. Considering this scenery, the solution allows people that take the same route to meet and move around together easily and and safely, improving the traffic and reducing the emission of pollutants. As an add-on, users get bonus points that can be exchanged with products and services in a network of partners.